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Happy Children

*Provide tools and strategies to manage and regulate daily behaviors

*Actualize the connection between the mind, body and heart

*Create practices/ goals that nurture reaching peak performance

*Define the relationship between bold awareness and empowered confidence

*Support being present, focused, engaged and ready for success

*Teach the principles of values-based leadership

*Encourage self-advocacy and community advocacy to promote change

*Coach in a safe, respectful and open-hearted space




Kristin Asadourian, MSW is a personal development and leadership coach committed to advancing social and emotional intelligence in her clients. She founded Living Become, LLC as a vehicle to deliver workshops, coaching and talks to clients across the United States. The BECOME- bold, energized, compassionate, open-hearted, mindful, empowered curriculum is strongly influenced by her work as a policy advocate, community organizer and social worker. Kristin guides young people and adults to live, work and lead based on their values.

She believes bold actions generated by energized individuals with compassion and open-hearts bring effective changes to the individual and their communities. She witnessed this as the founder of the arts education not for profit, Artists for Change, the chair of the first Los Angeles County Community Arts Team, a documentary film and television producer, and a Senior Field Deputy for the Los Angeles City Council.


A natural storyteller and gifted speaker, Kristin uses her experiences to generate connection and laughter while guiding her audiences to become more aware and confident.​ Kristin earned her bachelor's degree in sociology and multicultural relations from the University of Connecticut and master's degree in social work from the University of Connecticut School of Social Work. She received her co-active life coaching credential from the Coaches Training Institute and is a member of the International Coaches Federation.


Jamilyn Gordon, Greater New Bedford Workforce Board

"I'm so excited for the Workforce Board to continue our collaboration with you and to have the opportunity to offer such a motivational mind, body, spirit filled resource to our area schools."



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