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The workshops guide the participant to greater awareness, more confidence, an ability to self-manage and self-regulate with compassion and purpose.


Learning and transforming as an individual or an individual within a group takes an increased level of self- awareness and self- confidence. Having a Living Become coach to guide you along the way will ensure you are setting and meeting your goals, actualizing your power and understanding your purpose.


Becoming aware of the need for change can cause anyone to become stuck and unmotivated. The overwhelming feeling of not knowing what first steps to take often leaves us feeling trapped and reacting rather than freely creating the life we desire. The Living Become method of coaching is based on uncovering your values and directing you to live with boldness, self-compassion, an open-heart, focused and completely empowered.


Showing up with compassion, an open- heart and mindfulness is challenging on an individual level and when a diverse group of individuals comes together the challenge is increased. Efficient and effective groups work toward common goals, communicate openly and effectively, respect differences and acknowledge shared values. Living Become group coaching builds teams that have these attributes along with being energized and empowering one another by focusing on values-based leadership, mindfulness and effective communication in the group setting.


Families provide strength, support and love. We first learn to communicate, show and receive love and reveal our personalities with family. If there is a breakdown in communication within the family and a family member is feeling unseen, unsupported, and not heard, relationships suffer and the connection between family members is jeopardized. Living Become Family coaching focuses on reestablishing communication, building support and creating a safe space for all members to show up and share with compassion and an open-heart.


An effective speaker is energized in front of a room full of people and able to use bold, compassionate, and open-hearted storytelling to connect and guide those in the room. The Living Become team of speakers is trained to unify and empower. We speak on topics such as self-care, building confidence in the workplace and beyond, diversity, inclusion and equity and effective communication. Dress for Success, HubWeek Boston, Tufts Health Plan and the UCONN School of Social Work are a few of our clients.

Family Meal Time

We developed family meal time as an extension of family coaching. It is an opportunity for a family to have a Living Become Coach join them around their table to tackle difficult topics by creating a safe space for each family member to be heard, provide conversation starters, support and action items to move forward. This can occur in person or virtually.  Single sessions can be booked or packages of 3, 6 or 9 sessions.


4th Grade Workshop Participant

"I learned more about communicating with other and how to make a positive change in the world"



Young Businesswomen

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