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The workshops provide participants with the ability to achieve greater awareness, confidence, self- management and self-regulation with compassion and purpose. 

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The BECOME workshop curriculums are research based and take participants on a self- discovery journey that builds self and social awareness, relationship skills, leadership skills and organizational skills along with increasing their ability to identify emotions and self-regulate. Participants have a better understanding of how they move through the world, their interests and what supports they need in order to succeed. All workshops teach and  encourage life literacy skills. 


  • Participants build the self-awareness necessary to build the skills to self-manage and self-regulate.

  • Learning is centered on time and task management, self-monitoring and building independence.

  • Participants develop an understanding for what they need to show up living from their power.

Change Maker

  • Participants are guided through the principles of values based leadership.

  • Learning is centered on discovering what participants value and what is important to them.

  • Participants develop an understanding that they can create change in the world based on what is important to them.

Career/College Ready

  • Participants build the self-awareness and self-confidence necessary to enter the workforce or college with success.

  • Learning is centered on their skills, interests and values as they determine how they will contribute to their communities.

  • Participants develop an understanding for how they would like to apply their authentic selves, natural talents, education, and values professionally.

  • Self-advocacy, effective communication, and self-management are highlighted.

Team Building

  • Build a foundation based in trust.

  • Form clarity around your mission and objectives.

  • Create sensible boundaries according to individual and team capabilities.

  • Work in collaboration with a commitment to one another.

  • Practice effective communication.

  • Work toward continuous improvement.

  • Exhibit bold creativity.

Educator Professional Development

  • Guides educators on how to create safe spaces for students.

  • Participants learn how to effectively communicate, self-advocate and advocate for others.

  • Educators uncover core values and purpose. 

  • Energizes educators to use their creativity and step into their power.


4th Grade Workshop Participant


I learned more about communicating with other and how to make a positive change in the world.




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