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Social and Emotional Learning 

The benefits of social and emotional learning (SEL) are well-researched, with evidence demonstrating that an education that includes social and emotional skill building yields positive outcomes for students, adults, and school communities. Research also shows the benefits significantly outweigh the costs, estimating for every dollar invested in SEL there is an $11 return.

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SEL Skills That Guide Our Work

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Management

  • Social Awareness

  • Relationship Skills

  • Responsible Decision-Making

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Living Become partners with schools to create and lead workshops, trainings and support groups for students and teachers. There is strong scientific evidence that SEL programs, like the ones we provide improve children’s well-being, behavior, and academic outcomes.

Our social and emotional learning experiences focus on the SEL skills listed above so our students and educators can achieve results in the following:

Academic Achievement

  • Hundreds of studies involving more than 1 million students worldwide across PreK-12 offer consistent evidence that SEL has a positive impact on students’ academic achievement.

  • Students participating in Living Become SEL programs have higher levels of “school functioning,” as reflected by their grades, test scores, attendance, and homework completion.

  • SEL builds social and emotional skills that increase student engagement and lead to improved academic performance.

  • The positive impact on academics lasts long-term: Years after students participated in SEL, their academic performance was an average of 13 percentile points higher than students who didn’t participate.

Positive Attitudes

  • Participation in SEL programs, like Living Become support groups and trainings is linked to decreased emotional distress, more positive attitudes about self and others, and fewer externalizing behaviors and discipline problems.

  • Living Become SEL programs enhance coping skills, resiliency, and emotion identification, which can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety in the short term.

  • Students participating in SEL report an increased sense of safety and support, better relationships with teachers, and stronger feelings of belonging and inclusiveness in schools.

  • SEL contributes to reductions in bullying and aggression.

Living Become Professional Development provides teachers with valuable SEL skills.

Focusing on SEL for Adults Has Great Benefits

  • Educators with strong social and emotional competence report higher levels of job satisfaction and less burnout. 

  • Focusing on SEL can help educators build and maintain stronger relationships with students and manage classrooms.

  • Teachers who teach SEL to students report feeling more effective at their jobs and lower levels of job-related anxiety.

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Living Become brings comprehensive social and emotional learning programs to schools and organizations that create a culture based in uplifting the individual so the entire community thrives. Living bold, energized, compassion, open-hearted, mindful and empowered is practice and we help create practices that allow communities to effectively support all members. We will equip you with structured content and the skills for your community to BECOME.


Kathy Treglia, Greater New Bedford Youth Alliance - Professional Development Committee Co-Chair

Kristin's approach to "Effective Communication" introduced the participants to a unique perspective that included mindfulness and social and emotional dynamics. It was a holistic and refreshing way to approach the topic.





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