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Social and Emotional Learning Programs for All Ages

Living Become, LLC offers individual and group development coaching, intuitive workshops to improve social and emotional intelligence, professional development workshops for teachers, social workers and administrators along with creatively designed keynote talks.

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 Students Served

  • Over 250 students served through our support groups

  • Over 400 workshop participants

Teacher and Social Worker Professional Development

  • Trainings conducted in 15 school districts throught Massachusetts

  • Partnerships with school districts, not for profits and professional organizations

One on One Coaching

  • Over 25 years of experience

  • Trauma-informed coaching that greatly improves quality of life, increases self-awareness and self-confidence




I’m loving this conversation and want to participate in more in the future. Thank you so much for sharing and creating a safe space to have this conversation! Parent Support Group Participant

Parent Participant


What is BECOME

Social and emotional learning curriculum that teaches individuals how to be bold, energized, compassionate, open-hearted. mindful and empowered.

The Curriculum

Delivered through workshops, trainings, group coaching, and individual coaching principles behind BECOME deliver effective, comprehensive and long-term results.

The Method

BECOME builds self-awareness and self-confidence by exploring the mind, body, heart connection.

The Results

Participants uncover values, learn how to self-manage, self- regulate, self-advocate and communicate effectively.




The Youth Mental Health Crisis Needs Our Attention

Living through a pandemic has brought about many new behaviors, situations, and expectations.


Lets Talk Mental Health

Does your mind race uncontrollably?  Are you familiar with all the emotions that come from experiencing an uneasy mind?  You feel scattered, and worry, frustration and anger take over. 


Feeling the Pain Matters

Summer has officially cruised by us and left us right where we were before we melted into the ease and warmth brought on by its months. 

Kids Playing Tug of War

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