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Are You Truly Living?

Some spend a lifetime on this planet and never entirely discover what makes them come alive. This is self-discovery. A journey full of excitement, struggle, and a tremendous amount of learning. Understanding our purpose and being able to live from it during our lifetime is a gift. There are many obstacles that keep us from uncovering and fulfilling our defined purpose and often we find ourselves becoming discouraged. As much as we wish to know and feel our light it is practice to live from it. It is work to know ourselves and to accept the talents we have been given. When we meet our true self and understand our gifts, we become empowered. Everyday becomes defined by purpose. Achieving this level of self-realization is typically met by many obstacles. Whether it is the thoughts and opinions of others, constant struggle, or negative experiences we are forced to overcome the challenges if our desire is to live fulfilled. Often the greater the adversity the clearer the purpose. Duality is at the essence of living a human life, to know joy we must know sorrow and to know beauty, we must know pain. And to live full, our hearts and minds learn to accept this dichotomy.

We all confront negativity at some point in our lives. There are differing degrees, but each one of us is tested in a way. The test can be overcoming adversity we experienced at a young age making it harder to find what makes us come alive or we may know and have trouble getting started because we are surrounded by people telling us we can’t. Either way it is something or someone trying to prevent us from living into our truth. We are not really living until we discover, tap into, and create from this extraordinary place that is unique to each of us. Creating guided by light is a blessing to the individual and those who observe the creation. This is grace and each of us deserve to create from this space.

The past two years have taught me the narratives which promote fear and hatred are loud. They can be heard over the love in our hearts, the openness in our minds, and the beauty we wish to create. Allowing something outside of you to dictate how you live is absurd when you think about it. Yes, our environments foster certain behaviors, our life experiences and traumas often shape us and how we move through the world, but they do not define us. They do not represent who we are as human beings, the talents, and skills we possess or the light within us. We need to be careful to not fall victim to negative narratives that speaks loudly about everything we cannot do. These narratives attempt to keep us in fear and control how we move through the world. They keep us from believing in ourselves.

Not believing in yourself is dangerous. This is when we allow the outside noise to take over and distract us from our truth. The noise has us believing things are too difficult to live according to our own rules and slowly suffocates us. The noise eventually takes over our thoughts, actions, and emotions until we are no longer able to recognize ourselves and our desires. We crumble to the outside pressure believing it will be easier to live if we don’t cause controversy, so we simply glide along doing what is expected of us. For those trapped in this way of living, you can get yourself out. Human beings have an incredible resiliency with an ability to find their way back to their truth. I know this because I lived based on the noise shouted at me for years. I drifted so far away from my truth I died inside and became unrecognizable. I allowed the outside noise to make my decisions until eventually it make me sick from anxiety and depression. When I realized the impact of the outside noise, I chose to start making decisions based on my truth and desires again. I no longer wanted to feel dead inside. I wanted to feel alive.

Facing fear, negativity, adversity, and trauma are hard. I am not downplaying the battle to overcome hardship. I am up playing the necessity for each of us to live from our aliveness, the truth from within. When we dismiss it, we are basically saying, “no thank you, I am not important, and my purpose is not worth the fight.” We are handing over the gifts we were given when we came onto this planet. And when we do this, we hand over our hearts and our souls. If you hand over your soul, you dismiss your light. The fact of the matter is, we all have gifts, and we all get to choose how we use them regardless of what others think. When we stop worrying about the noise, we are able to discover what is buried deep inside of us, tap into it, and achieve greatness. Pushing passed the obstacles and negative comments is important to find fulfillment. For those who have pushed passed the negativity, keep going there is more to uncover, more to create and others who need you to help pull them up. Life is so much more enjoyable when we pick each other up. Peace, love, and joy come when we choose to uplift and not extinguish the brilliance of another human being. This is how you come alive.


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